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Medical Glamor Services


Glamor offers you a wide-range of non-surgical cosmetic treatments for the refreshment and rejuvenation of your skin (Face & Body), liveliness and health of your hair appearance we also take pride in our beauty consultants and derma doctors who can provide you with minimally invasive treatments for anti-ageing and facial rejuvenation, as well as laser treatments and facial peels, etc…

1- Injectables:

Injectable are quick Non-surgical treatment injections used to improve the appearance of lines, soften facial wrinkles, and fill out hollows to recreate the smooth contours of younger skin. Glamor is using verity of the most popular, known to be safe and effective Injectable techniques and brands as Botox, Traditional Fat Injections, and Injectable Fillers.

  • 1.1 Injectables - Botox

    Botox Injections this, non-surgical, procedure is suitable for virtually anyone who has wrinkles or other skin lines that they want to remove, including signs of natural ageing or sun exposure fine lines. The end result is diminished unwanted facial wrinkles and fine-lines. Botox can be used for the Forehead wrinkles, crow’s feet lines around the eyes, and the “11 lines” between the eyebrows are the most popular areas however other uses include lifting eyebrows, decreasing the “orange peel” appearance of the chin, lifting the corners of the mouth and skin bands on the neck

  • 1.2 Injectables - Fillers

    Glamor is using the finest, well known and most affective Injectable filler brands there is, including but not limited to (Juvederm – Restylane- Teosyal Kiss – Macrolane VRF, Radiesse – Hyalunoridase –Kenacort). Dermal fillers are used to: Plump thin lips, Enhance shallow contours, Soften facial creases and wrinkles, and also to improve the appearance of recessed scars.

  • 1.3 Injectables -FAMI Facelift

    FAMI facelift It’s also known as fat autologous muscular injection or abbreviated as FAMI. The FAMI facelift technique is aimed towards facial rejuvenation, facial reconstruction and reshaping using your own adult stem cells to treat the signs of ageing on the face, achieving a smoother, rejuvenated facial appearance by transferring fat from another part of the body and injecting it into the facial muscles, permanently restoring the contour and shape of the face. Get a fresher, more youthful facial appearance for years to come in few minutes.

  • 1.4 Injectables - PRP Therapy (Platelet Rich Plasma)

    PRP Therapy involve no foreign materials, and harness the regenerative power of your blood cells and your body’s own repair processes, how brilliant is that! Ha? utilizing your body’s own unique ‘self-heal’ mechanism to repair and rejuvenate damaged skin and boost collagen for facial skin improvement and a more youthful-looking complexion, Knowing 110% that it’s all natural given that it was drawn from our own humanly vessels.

2. Silhouette Lift

A minimal invasive technique used to lift and tighten sagging tissue in the mid to lower face. This non-surgical alternative to a surgical facelift. Silhouette Lift is performed in one session with immediate natural lift effect, giving you in that one hour a natural and younger appearance for many months and years to come.

3. HIFU Treatment (face & neck)

What is HIFU? High Intensity Focused Ultrasound A.K.A. HIFU treatment is literally a non-surgical Face Lift, used to cause a total skin rejuvenation through tightening, wrinkles and folds removal and skin lifting treatment. HIFU stimulates and renews the skin’s collagen, therefore it improves the texture, reduces the sagging and drooping of the skin. Skin lifting, tightening and rejuvenation is gradually improved with time.


• Non-surgical face lifting and skin tightening
• Work for face lifting, skin tightening, wrinkles, pores, V-line forming, Jowl line and Cheeks
• Distinctive visible efficacy with no downtime in both immediate and 2 month post result
• Patient could see immediate change and up to 60 to 90 days, and efficacy remains a long time.


A younger and fresher look, be it anywhere you wish, your face, under-chin, neck or décolleté region.


What is Spectra? It’s a revolutionized rejuvenation treatment. Our guests with oily skin enjoy the noticeable reduction in excess oil production in as little as two sessions the versatile wide range of clinical options for treating: Redness Reduction, Wrinkles Reduction, Melisma, Pigmented Lesions, Skin Resurfacing Tattoo Removal, Scar Revision, and Light Therapy


• Glowing, Smoother feeling and a youthful looking skin
• Reduction in appearance of fine lines and acne scars
• Large Unsightly Pores Shrink
• Reduction in oily skin
• Yellow/Brown patches fade or disappear
• Increased Skin Tone and Texture


The Spectra treatment evens skin tone, reduces pigmentation, fine lines and acne scars. It’s safe, pleasant and leaves the Facial skin invigorated with less pore size, uniform skin coloration and tone from collagen stimulation.

5. VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing

What is VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing?
It’s an advanced body sculpting technique. By removing the fat around muscle groups, it creates a sculpted, athletic appearance, making muscles look more defined.
Why and Where? Why, because it’s minimally invasive and safe procedure that precisely and efficiently removes unwanted body fat and reshapes your body to become as you always wanted. Where, Technically everywhere you chose to slim or liposculptur – Thighs (inner and outer) – Stomach/Abdomen – Breasts – Buttocks – Flanks – Arms (Bingo Wings) – Chin – Back – Chest – Neck – Knees – male chest reduction (gynecomastia). Results: What distinguishes the VASER Hi Def Liposculpturing procedure is its ability to form six pack abs, (as well as other muscle groups). Glamor have experienced great success in using the VASER technology in treating all the body areas.

6. Cellulaze Anti-Cellulite Treatment

What is Cellulaze?
Would You Like to get rid of dimpled, uneven skin that appears on your thighs and other parts of your body? Yes, exactly that’s what we are referring to “CELLULATE”! Cellulaze is the only minimally invasive laser procedure designed to attack the structure of cellulite beneath your skin. Why and Where? Why, because and as you may have learned that you can lessen the appearance of cellulite, but you can’t get rid of it completely! But don’t you worry no more! We at Glamor are able to help you with that using the best technology in the world there is. Cellulaze is the world’s first aesthetic “minimally invasive, laser- assisted” procedure, a new anti-cellulite treatment clinically proven to increase your skin’s natural thickness for a smoother, healthier look that lasts. Where, it can be used effectively on any part of the body, where cellulite is found. Results: It delivers longer-lasting results after only one short treatment where fat/toxins are removed and the heat of the laser energy boosts collagen production, so that a healthier skin structure is created with a smoother appearance.

7. Mesotherapy

Mesotherapy is a very gentle technique that leads to a visibly better skin quality and a fresher complexion, its rich cocktail of vitamins, minerals and antioxidants can be used in different areas of the face, body and hair.
• Skin/ Face Mesotherapy as a skin renewal system, Mesotherapy treatments rejuvenate skin and after the treatment course, skin appears fresher and clearer. Cell rejuvenation is a common result, which causes the production of collagen and elastin, reducing wrinkles and fine lines. Treatments of this nature can be used for the face and neck, but they have also proved effective for the skin on the arms and hands, reducing aging signs, treats minor blemishes, rejuvenates skin and targets cellulite.

• Eye Mesotherapy can significantly improve the color of the dark circles under the eyes and also reduce the size of the fatty bag.
Usually the result can be seen after two performed procedures and it is necessary to do 4 to 6 treatments in the same amount of weeks

• Hair Mesotherapy proved to be a baldness treatment alternative that allows both men and women hair restoration. It can also delay male pattern baldness. Both men and women suffer from thinning hair and hair loss thus making them seek treatment for hair loss. Each of these conditions fall under the medical term “alopecia.” Some of the common signs and symptoms of alopecia include… Balding, Patchy Hair Loss and Progressive Thinning of the Hair